When Is The Pancake Breakfast:

This happens yearly over Labor Day Weekend Sunday.

Date and Time

You can arrive at 7 AM and stay till Noon.  Sometimes a lot of people and EAA 304 members stay after.

I would suggest to arrive by 11 AM, but a lot of times things are still happening a 1 PM.  It is always fun to watch the planes leave.

Aircraft Caution

Remember, not all pilots can see in front of them when they are on the ground.  Especially be cautious if the aircraft is a tail dagger.  That means if the tail section has 1 wheel, with the main wheels in front.  Typically they taxi with the nose and prop (s) high in the air.  The view is limited to the side of the aircraft.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conventional_landing_gear

As visitors are allowed  to get close to aircraft, in some areas, keep your eyes open, and children by your side.  You are responsible for your and your family and children safety.

Safety First!  Always keep you eyes open to your surroundings.  Never smoke or have lighted flames around aircraft or on the aircraft field.  

                                      Below is an example of a tail dagger aircraft.