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A hero visits EAA 304

At this month’s EAA 304 general meeting, we had the pleasure and honor to host World War II veteran and former POW, 1st Lieutenant Lee Zimmerman. Lieutenant Zimmerman spent over an hour with the group reviewing a video diary on DVD  that had been made chronicling his exploits. Lieutenant Zimmerman was a Bombardier with with the 547th bomb group, a part of the legendary 8th Air Force.

A native Michigander, Lee recently celebrated his 95th birthday a day before he met with us.  



Understanding the Proposed Piper FAA Wingspar AD

InTheHangar Ep16

Possible AD coming out for Piper Cherokee Wing Spars.

The FAA has proposed an Airworthiness Directive (mandatory) that will take effect this spring. Some Piper aircraft might have to spend more than $8K to fix the wingspar. This proposed AD is in response to the checkride crash in Florida of the Piper Arrow on April 4, 2018, killing the student