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EAA 304 Hosts Pilot Education Program

At The August meeting/picnic, we had the honor and pleasure of hosting Jon Kotwicki a Certified Flight Instructor.
Jon and his team are flying their airplane from state to state, and chasing the airplane with a camper trailer that serves as a mobile office to facilitate managing the logistics of the trip, and creating the educational content along
the way. The key goals of this trip are:
●Provide 10 free discovery flights in each state to a follower or subscriber who has not yet taken the plunge to
pursue training. Provide them the easy next steps to pursue aviation.
●Produce engaging vlog style videos documenting the trip, as well as educational and flight safety oriented videos.
●Inspire individuals, and show how easy it is to become a pilot, and fly across our amazing country.
●Provide a FAAST Wings safety seminar in every state.
●Help current pilots improve their skills, and highlight GA friendly airports and places to get people out there and
●Incorporating real-world experiences into the online ground school at fly8ma.com
The two year trip will have over 1,000 hrs of flying, 300+ videos on YouTube and the website, over120TB of content, and visiting approximately 500+ airports.
Please visit www.fly8ma.com/trip or contact Casey King for more information.   You can learn more about
Jon and his adventures by visiting www.fly8ma.com

With our own John Feldvary receiving this award in November, we thought we’d share a little history behind it. An example of the Wright Brothers award is seen below

Image result for what does the FAA master pilots award look like

FAA Master Pilot & Master Mechanic Awards

The FAA’s most prestigious award for pilots is the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, and for aircraft mechanics, is the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. The first 19 minutes of the video show a documentary of Orville and Wilbur Wright and mechanic Charles Taylor, who are credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful airplane. It then details the requirements for the master pilot and master mechanic awards. This is the video typically shown preceding an award presentation ceremony.